Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what is the Certification of Incorporation?

The Certificate of Incorporation is the primary record which demonstrates a company exists and has been enrolled under the necessities of the Companies Act 2006. It incorporates the following:

  • Organisation Name and Selection
  • The Date of Its Incorporation
  • Whether It Is a Restricted or Unrestricted Business
  • Location Where the Organisation’s Registered Office Is Positioned

How long will the company incorporation take?

It depends on the jurisdiction where the company is being incorporated as to how long it will take. By using World Trade Formations, you could complete your online application in minutes and also have your firm enrollment authorized by Companies House within 3 hours. Once the company has been incorporated it can take anywhere from two to seven days for you to receive the documentation.

If I open a bank account, do I need to visit the bank?

No, there is no obligation to visit the bank in person. We can help you complete all of the paperwork. If you wish to meet with a representative from the bank however this can be arranged.

What about tax? Do I have to pay tax on profits from my company?

No. The majority of places where we operate do not require any tax to be paid on profits. Certain countries do charge taxes and we will advise you of this when you are choosing the offshore destination for your company. It is important however that you seek advice in relation to tax in your country of residence.

What are the advantages of an LLP framework?

LLPs supply a variety of advantages for profit-making companies including:

  • Minimal Responsibility for Company Financial Obligations
  • Versatile Administration Framework
  • Circulation of Earnings
  • Each Participant Pays the Earnings Tax Obligation on Their Earnings Instead of a Shared Company Tax Obligation

What is A Company Limited by Warranty?

A company, usually a charitable organization, limited by warranty is one that does not have investors, instead, it has participants that function as guarantors.

What is a Limited Company?

A limited company can be defined as a lawful body produced by its incorporation with Companies House.

What is an LLP?

An LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership that is similar to a regular company collaboration except that the individual liability of the companions is restricted.

What is an offshore company?

An offshore company is very similar to a company set up in your local area. However the major difference is the rate of tax which is applied by the government in the area where the company was incorporated. Usually the rate of tax is either very low or nothing. Setting up an offshore company is just another way of increasing tax efficiency.

What sorts of companies can World Trade Formations create?

World Trade Formations can form a wide range of companies including Ltd Companies, LLP’s, PLC’s and Limited by Guarantee companies.

Which area should I choose to establish my company?

There are many areas that you can choose from to launch your new offshore company. We will provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision, from a range of countries that we work with. Ultimately, the jurisdiction should be economically and politically stable, easy to communicate with, possess an excellent reputation and have in place a range of corporate legislation.

Will I be able to choose the name of the company?

Yes. It is strongly recommended that you name your company. When you make an application to us, you are asked to choose two or three possible names in order of preference. We will then make the necessary checks to make sure that the names are available. If the names are already taken we can help you choose an alternative name.