Everyone now knows how important online purchases are. It’s a booming industry and, it’s a vital part of your business. If you’re not able to make online sales, how can your online business survive in this? Without being able to receive payments electronically, your top notch site and high-ranking would be worthless.

Today, this is not an issue. It’s relatively easy to collect payments for goods and services from anywhere in the world via payment service providers. For a number of years, World Trade Formations have been providing a service that is second to none to our clients and we aim to offer a processing or online merchant account for any sort of online business. We are able to offer this because of our extensive experience and proven record of success along with our tried and tested strategies and systems with countless satisfied clients.

Our processing/online merchant account service includes:

  • Card Payment Acquiring – Accept payments online from almost anywhere directly in your online shop. We offer a broad range of online transaction types to meet your customer needs
  • Express payouts – If you register for (or already have) a certain bank account, your money will be available to you same day.
  • Recurring payments – Charges applied to a cardholder in predetermined intervals for services or goods of an ongoing nature (memberships, subscriptions)
  • One click payments – This solution allows repetitive clients making online purchases with a single click, using the payment information needed to complete the purchase previously entered by the user.
  • MO/TO payments – MO/TO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) allows merchants to receive an offline payment confirmation from the client by phone or mail.
  • Plugins / API integrations – Open Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to accept payments right from your own website with no extra risks.
  • E-invoicing – It takes only a couple of minutes to create and issue an express e-invoice – and just a couple of seconds for your client to pay it. All you need to know is your client’s phone number or e-mail address.
  • Online Security – Additional level of security mostly used for recurring and big sum transactions to verify user and avoid fraud.


To find out more about the processing/online merchant account services we offer, please contact our dedicated team to discuss your options in more detail.