While setting up an offshore company, it’s a part of jurisdiction and legal requirement to present at least one director in the legal documentation of the firm. It is quite essential for a firm to nominate a deserving person who can serve as the professional director. Shareholders are also dependent on the type of jurisdiction of the particular country and the selected professional director.

We, at World Trade Formations have vast experience in working with international market structure. Moreover, we can help the offshore firms in providing professional directors and shareholders that are suggested by our professionals, in order to maintain the highest-degree of privacy and confidentiality of the firm.

Advantages of a professional director:

On time annual return:

Our top-notch professional directors make sure to deliver annual returns of the firm on time while keeping a track of the company’s performance. Further, our professional directors are capable enough to fulfil the needs and requirements of the firm according to the nature of the business.

As a professional director, our highly competent experts are capable to deal with the solutions regarding:

  • To deal with the rules and regulations of chosen jurisdiction.
  • To apply for licences and/or permits of an offshore company, if necessary.
  • Serve as an authorised person to take care of the legal documentations.
As an aspect of legal laws:

One of the most common requirements in setting up the offshore company is the authentication of at least one representative director. Our professional directors would serve as a mediatory platform in order to deal with the international jurisdiction and laws of the international market.

Moreover, for added privacy, the name of the professional directors and shareholders would be documented in the public files of the registered offshore company.

Enhance company’s credibility:

Rather than the low-level employees, professional directors and shareholders are educated individuals, having an ample business experience and years of expertise in the relevant field. An educated director would enhance the company’s credibility in the particular jurisdiction. It would also make a positive impact among the competitors in the international market.

Analyse company’s decision:

Professional directors would carefully analyse and take vital decisions that would be helpful for company’s growth and success. Moreover, they encourage the participation of the stakeholders and allow them to share their point of view while making any decision for the offshore company setup.

Understand client’s requirements:

Our professional director services are tailored according to the nature of business. We understand your business needs and propose the director that suits to the nature of the business.

For instance, if your business is looking for a banking expert, then we propose the director have an excellent relationship, connection and expertise in the banking sector.

Ensure company’s privacy:

While setting up an offshore company, hiring a compatible director is vital. Our professional director services assures you to maintain the highest privacy standards of the company.

Moreover, we select professional directors who are native of the country where the company is registered.