Once you have set up your offshore company simple tasks such as processing your post becomes a little more complex. However along with our company formation packages we offer a comprehensive mail management service. But how does this work exactly? If you decide to choose our mail management service, you will be assigned a street address and a domestic fax number. All post which is addressed to your company will be sent to this address. This post will then be re routed to an address of your choice. You can also choose the frequency your mail will be forwarded whether it is immediately, every few days, weekly or longer if you wish. The addresses and fax numbers that we provide will service several other companies and we always advise clients of this before they sign up to our mail management services. We will only forward post which is clearly addressed to your company.

Once you have the mail management service set up the service will allow you to distribute your company documentation such as invoices and correspondence from your company’s virtual office address. What’s more you can even email us documents in Word or PDF format and we will print and distribute them via post to the intended recipients.

Having a dedicated mailing address can improve your business, creating a more professional impression and giving you an office location, albeit a virtual one in a physical location. We have many areas to choose from and our clients can select from a number of locations throughout the world.

To learn more about our mail management services, contact us today to discuss your requirements further.