If you are looking for a practical and convenient solution for your business, World Trade Formations have the company formation expertise that you need.

Many businesses in the offshore world require strong communications systems, from defence contractors through to offshore accountants and tax advisors as well as companies submitting tenders for government contracts to name a few. Our team have extensive experience in establishing offshore trading structures and communication networks. Using technologies such as VoIP we can deliver a superior communications infrastructure to support the requirements of your business.

One of the major stumbling blocks that offshore companies face is the fragmented way in which communications are managed, with multiple telephone numbers, countless messaging facilities and several addresses to deal with correspondence. Operating this way creates a multitude of problems until it reaches a point where it becomes unmanageable and the business begins to suffer. The Virtual Office solution from World Trade Formations, eliminates many of the communication problems that offshore businesses encounter.

Our solutions can streamline, consolidate and enhance the way in which your business operates with a dedicated virtual office. Our team will meticulously plan the specific communication requirements of your business and develop a virtual office package to include everything you need in one place. Postal addresses, messaging facilities, phone calls and more will all be dealt with from a central location. The virtual office packages that we provide will keep security in mind too, making sure that business and client data is kept in the strictest of confidence and we implement a range of security measures to ensure that this happens.

Local Phone Lines

Not only do we offer tailored virtual office packages to facilitate an offshore company setup, we also provide telephone lines. Even though the majority of communications now take place over the internet with the introduction of email and instant messaging, phone lines still play a key role in business operations. Everyone will expect your offshore company to have a landline telephone. We can provide local phone lines anywhere in the world with the majority of phone lines being set up in a very short space of time. We have key contracts with several leading providers and secure extremely competitive rates for our clients. We will set up your phone line to support new or existing offshore companies as quickly and easily as possible.

With a local landline, partners, tax inspectors, competitors or clients can contact your company with any enquiry. It is a great solution to confirm that your business is actually located in the offshore jurisdictions that you have stated, making your business appear more professional and established.

Key Benefits of a Local Phone Line:
  • Standard telephone lines offer the most convenient and practical method of securing a local phone number.
  • Use the features of the phone system to route calls to any other number.
  • Build a viable and professional offshore company.

An offshore company formation can be a complex process and it is important that you have the right communications infrastructure in place. We can help with all types of offshore company formation enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business. To find out more about our virtual office or local phone line systems, please contact our friendly team today who can provide tailored advice for your business.